We do three things and we do them really well!

Management Services:  
When it comes to managing assets for others Global Marina Management wholeheartedly manages as if we were the owner. Let’s discuss your needs today!  

Consulting Services:  
As an alternative to full on third party management, let us come in and do an extended confidential study of your business to help you find opportunities, plug holes and step up your operations. During the study and upon completion, we will work with you to build a game plan to accomplish your goals. Let’s discuss your needs today!  

Acquisition and Disposition:
You and your team have worked long & hard to build your business. Your exit strategy should include the ability for your legacy to live on. Let’s discuss your plans today!  

Case study: 

Global Marina Management’s historical results during the recent economic collapse may be a testimonial to it being the most successful, results based, marina operator in the United States. When most marinas and operators were struggling to survive Global made a business out of turning around struggling operations. Its worst performance in the bottom of the market regularly increased NOI by 30% and more.”.  

This, otherwise thought impossible accomplishment was not the result of cutting costs as they were almost always already cut to the bone. It doesn’t take a unique talent to cut costs. Global excelled by motivating and empowering employees, at every level, in the quest to make every customer a motivated sales person for the business.  

Marina Services
We look forward...

It will be our pleasure to be of service to you.  Whether you are in need of yachting services or marina management expertise, Global Marina Management is the right choice for you!  Take a look through our website and get to know us!  We look forward to serving you!

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